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brand: اوبل Model: Opel Astra
Android 122 RAM, 32 GB internal memorySupports Google Play services, programs and applicationsApple CarPlay and GPS Maps- Accuracy, features and quality of the image, Full HD - 1080Bluetooth, radio, songs and videoMirrorlink feature to transfer the phone screenAlso, the screen is thermal and easy to..
5,500 جنية
Ex Tax: 5,500 جنية
brand: اوبل Model: أوبل أسترا
RAM 2 memory 32 GBInstallation is plug by plug without cutting any wiresAccuracy and featuresBluetooth supports playing all video formatsPlay songs and flashEquipped with an internal microphone to answer the callMirrorlink feature transfers the entire screen of your phone2 USB cable to power the fla..
4,500 جنية
Ex Tax: 4,500 جنية
brand: اوبل Model: Opel Astra
Screen installation adjustment frame for Opel Astra..
1,200 جنية
Ex Tax: 1,200 جنية
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